Jun 30, 2005


It breaks my heart when people I love are in some kind of pain. It makes me angry at the people or situations that are making them unhappy and I often find that I am possibly more upset than my loved one. Perhaps it is because I don’t see the whole picture or am unaware of factors that somehow make the person I love feel like they are unable to stand up for themselves. Perhaps it is because God has given them the grace to deal with it and because it isn’t my burden I do not have that measure of grace. I really don’t know. I do know that I hate when my family and friends get taken advantage of. I hate when they are manipulated and I hate when they are bullied. It is in my nature to want to protect those I love even to violence. I will not usually become physically violent, though the desire is always there, but I find it difficult to tame my violent tongue. Maybe I should just pray. I probably should, but this makes me feel helpless and weak. Even then, there is violence in my prayers.