Sep 12, 2005

a fall memory

This is a great time of year. I love when the weather is cooler. The days are mild and the nights are chilly enough to sleep snuggled up in my down comfortable. I love when the color of the leaves and the sound when the wind pushes the fallen ones across the road. Fall makes me feel nostalgic. I see or smell something familiar and am flooded with memories of the past falsl and the activities associated with them. Every year my family would go to a specific orchard in Pennsylvania. There, we would look at the scarecrows that they had depicting fairytales and nursery rhymes. They had a huge barn where you would climb a ladder and then jump from a platform into the hay pile below. The best part was this huge market area where the smell of apple pie and cider and cinnamon would nearly knock you over. We could each have one treat. I liked the sassafras candy, and fudge. I could never decided what to get and always ended up wanting the one that my older sister had chosen. Before we left we would get brown paper lunch bag and fill it with fallen pecans from the trees outside. We collected so many I ate them for weeks. I wish we still had a fall tradition that we honored yearly. Perhaps I will start one.