Oct 23, 2007

A wonderful two years

I can't believe it but Mike and I had our 2nd anniversary yesterday. It was a wonderful day. I woke up to roses and donuts and a beautiful card that made me cry. Mike gave me a really fun karaoke game too because he knows how much I like to sing and record my singing. We then saw the Darjeerling Limited, which was a GREAT movie and then finished off the day with dinner at the melting pot. I felt super loved all day. (I gave mike a present and card but I don't need to go into all that). I just feel so blessed to have someone who loves all of me for who I am. Words can't express my love and gratitude.

Oct 7, 2007

Fun this weekend

On Friday night Laura and Chris came up and took Mike and me out to dinner. We went to a nice Italian place and ate food and drank some sweet fruity wine. Chris went home and Laura spent the night.

On Saturday Laura and I went into the city for lunch and then went to one of my favorite stores...Lush. If you have never experienced Lush I would have to say that you are missing out. They have amazing bath and skin products that are so yummy smelling and do wonders for your skin. I got turned onto Lush two years ago when I somehow got word of Dream Cream and had Mike buy it for me for Christmas. It certainly lived up to it's name. My dry skin was gone after just a few uses and those little red bumps that I always get on my upper arms vanished as well. Yesterday I bought a slice of soap called SEXYPEEL. It smells like a delicious lemon cookie and has lemon peel in it to exfoliate the skin. The smell cheers me up instantly which is really important during this time of year when I tend to get S.A.D. I also got a really good smelling solid massage bar. You rub it on your skin and it turns into a moisturizing oil that isn't too greasy. Love it. The closest Lush store in this area is on Walnut street. Which is perfect cause it only takes 20 minutes to get there. Parking is a pain so I am going to figure out if the train can get me close.

Anyway, it is great stuff and I would recommend that everyone go there. You are sure to find something you love. Or you can just go to Lush.com but you won't be able to smell all the yumminess.