Jun 10, 2012


So, things are weird when you aren't use to your new body. You aren't really sure what you can eat, when you will have to go to the bathroom or what you can do. I found out that I can't actually walk about a mile in the 93 degree heat, watch a baseball game with 13 innings and then walk the mile back without passing out. I thought I had plenty to drink but I know I didn't eat enough yesterday. I was half way back to the car when I had to just stop. Mike said he would come back for me but traffic was so bad that after a half an hour I started to feel that familiar feeling of, " uh-oh, I am going to either throw up or wait, no, I am actually going to pass out."It's like this tingly feeling all over the body. Then I feel dizzy and start to fade out and everything goes white. I lowered myself down to the concrete and then a lady was asking me if I was ok. She called three cops over. I felt pretty stupid but I felt really sick. I didn't have my phone with me so one of the officers called Mike to see how far away he is. He said, "Mike, this officer______. Yeah, man it's the cops!" I thought it was hilarious that he said that. He was joking around with me and then after he walked me to Mike he said, "You can't say that we don't treat you right when you come to Baltimore". I laughed and agreed that a Philly cop probably wouldn't have been so nice. Anyway, live and learn.

Jun 6, 2012

6 weeks out

Feeling normal. It feels great. This past weekend Mike and I made the 9 hour drive to Ohio for our friend, Paul's,  40th birthday surprise. We were the surprise. His wife, Sonya knew. She was the one who wanted to surprise him.It was nice that he liked the surprise. Paul and Mike have been friends since elementary school and he was very close with them as a couple while he lived in Cincinnati for three years.  Their kids call him Uncle Mike and now they call me Aunt Merry. I think that is cute.

I wasn't going to go at first because I thought the trip would be too much for me. It wasn't and I had a great time. On Saturday night a bunch of close friends of Paul and Sonya had a party for him. I thought I would feel strange but they were all some of the nicest people I have ever met. I was even able to eat what they had made for dinner. It was super great.

I started swimming again and that feels good too. I feel like I am feeling healed. Things are getting easier. I am feeling happy.