Apr 19, 2006

The spring makes me feel somewhat high. I mean, it could just be my allergies to all the newly budded Flora, or it could be the extra amount of sunlight that has been so long overdue. Whatever the reason, I am happy. In essence, it doesn't make sense for me to be happy right now because although I adore certain aspects of my life, it is in massive upheaval mode. This mode is when there are a ton of huge life changes and I generally get so worked up that I need a steady diet of zanax to maintain somewhat of a "Suicide is not a good idea" outlook on life. For instance, in October I got married, quit my job of three years, and moved twice. hello, I'm at a place called vertigo...or burnigo, as Ollie would say. a global case of vertigo.

Apr 4, 2006

more things I love

figgy pudding's kitty breath and his puffy tail
playing the gamecube after my homework is done
ice water
those little pea crisp things that taste so damn good
having the sun on my face
iced chai with a half shot of gingerbread
Lyric and Oliver trying to make me laugh
my annual birthday bunny cake
flowers that come up super early
some good sex