Apr 5, 2007

so many thoughts

I cannot believe that I haven't posted anything in so long. I have written several things but then saved them and when I have come back to finished them, I wasn't inspired anymore. Because my head in KILLING me right now I may not write anything to interesting but we will see how it goes.

My life is topsy turvy right now. I hate that phrase...just as I hate the phrase willy nilly. Today I found myself yelling at a bad driver in front of me but trying to curb my usually potty mouth I didn't cuss. I said, " YOU CAN"T JUST DRIVE WILLY NILLY ALL OVER THE ROAD". Of course then I realized how stupid that sounded and started laughing. If anyone could have actually heard me they would have thought I was nuts. Oh well, at least I didn't use the f-word. Ok, right, so the topsy turvy life...I am moving in less than 2 weeks and frankly I am not exactly happy. I guess I am pretty sad. I like our apartment here. It has a balcony with a lovely view, the rooms are fairly spacious, the buildings are clean and the grounds are nice. We are moving to Northeast philly and the apartment, though a two bedroom instead of one, isn't quite comparable in lovliness. I am not trying to be a brat. I just struggle so with depression that I need natural beauty to cheer me up. I am sure it will be ok. I will just have to be creative. Secondly, Linds and Col are moving to Arizona for 2 years. Grad school. Damnit. I will miss them so much. thirdly, if Jason get's accepted to UCLA's film school they will be moving to L.A. fr 2 years. Double damnit. I don't want both of my sisters to be out west.

Urgh, my head hurts so much. I will publish this now so that I don't lose interest. I'll finish later.