Jul 29, 2011


Sorry it has been so long. Sometimes I really just don't feel like saying anything. But I thought I would write today and see what comes out. It's almost August and that it kind of bizarre. When August hits I start tot get really excited for the fall and the stuff that comes with fall. The weird thing about summer is that I feel like when it is hot I hibernate just like I do when it is really cold outside. It is actually easier for me to go out when it's cold than when it is really hot.

We went camping last weekend with Lindsay, Collin, Sen, Jes Kruse, Dave and Jen cardine and their kids. Oh and Dex and Zuri. SO fun but I am really not a roughing it kind of girl. I like camping for a weekend, tops. The first night was so great. Though the day was sweltering we went to the lake and swam to cool off. Then the air cooled as the sun went down and we had dinner and all sat around the fire. Things were peaceful and nice. Perfect camping experience. The next night however, the white trash came out of the woodwork. Jeez, that was so mean. I am still kind of bitter, though. This large group of people set up shop right across from us and were really loud. After Sen went to bed it was kind of stressful because they were yelling and screaming and then their stupid car alarm kept going off and waking Sen up. They were also play rap music loudly past quiet time. Just as I was about to lose it, God sent a downpour of rain and the loudies scurried like roaches to get out of the rain. Heavenly, peace one again. The next morning we were awakened with LOUD country music blaring from their beat up truck. They kept playing this song over and over about being from the wrong side of Memphis. More like the wrong side of hell.

Now, originally Mike was kind of embarrassed that it was just him and me and the cockapoo in a 10 person tent but I think he was pretty happy we had settled on the weather master 10 when the rain was pouring and we were dry in our portable house. Snuggled in our air mattress with our battery operated fans and lantern to read by. I told you. I am NOT into roughing it. AND I need my space. If that means we need to get a tent with a foyer and a swinging side door than so be it.

Oh, you should know that I have mastered rice and beans. That is to say that I have found the most delicious way to make brown rice and beans. Sometimes the type of bean changes but the basic flavor stays the same. Besides seasoning the three must have ingredients for me are 1. Garlic 2. onions and 3. Jarred jalapenos. Gosh it is so so so good. I eat it everyday.

That's all for now.