Jul 28, 2007


I feel entirely sad right now. I feel so disconnected. If you know me at all you know that my friends and family are my world. I say this because I keep getting word from other people about my close friends and family. Things that I feel I should know. I hate that. I think it is because I work really hard at my relationships with people and I tell people things so they are a part of my life. I feel like I used to be in the loop and I just am not anymore. It is sad. I don't even know what to do about it. I HATE being the last to know stuff.

Jul 23, 2007

double yay!

Mike is a really hard worker. He has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever seen and goes above and beyond his job description in order to be a great employee. I say this because Mike had his one year review at his job today. On the way to work Mike said that he hoped for at least 5% of a pay raise in order for him to feel like they really appreciate his hard work. I prayed really hard for this because I want him to feel appreciated and not taken advantage of. He just emailed me with the results. I can't write the details just in case somehow someone from his work would see this, but he got more than a 5% raise and was promoted to senior designer. I am so proud of him and I thank God for this long awaited financial blessing and the recognition that Mike deserves.

Jul 17, 2007

Yay for me.

I am happy to announce that I have been offered a massage therapist position at a chiropractic office. HOORAY! Seriously. It is part time but it will be regular hrs and pays more than my current extremely part time job. I will actually be doing both jobs but my new one is not contract so I will be a real live employee and that is good news all around.

Jul 10, 2007

Breakfast foods

I have been told that it is really bad to skip breakfast and therefore have tried to start eating it. However, It is has been a challenge over the years making myself eat breakfast because I don't feel hungry until around 10:00am. I would say that I am more of a brunch kind of gal. The other challenging thing is that I do not like eggs in the morning. I actually cannot make myself eat them. So, what to eat...what to eat?

It is interesting because although I would say that I do have a sugar addiction, I am not a huge fan of sweet food in the morning. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have my coffee with PLENTY of sugar so maybe that is why I like something more substantial for food.

So one thing that I actually love to eat in the morning is bagels. More specifically bagel sandwiches. Usually I will cook some bacon and put it on an un-toasted plain bagel with a smidge of mayo. Delish. My favorite breakfast sandwich I made was caramelized onions and green peppers, crumbled sausage and Cheddar cheese on an un-toasted plain bagel. It was completely wonderful.

I love cereal, but I prefer to eat that as a dessert at night.

I love muffins and my favorite is banana nut or chocolate chocolate chip.

Don't know why I felt the need to share all that, but I did.