Aug 31, 2012


I realized something about myself. I have a love/hate relationship with change. I always say I hate change but it seems that I always trying to create change when there is none to be had. Then when things start to change I start getting really stressed and just want things to stay as they are. It's weird and stupid. Right now things are changing and there isn't much I can do to stop it. I don't actually want to stop it. It just feels scary to be going through it.

Mike is starting school. As I type this he is in his first class.{I actually started this post a few days ago so it is no longer his first day.} I feel like a nervous mom and her kindergartener's first day of school. I sent him notes during the day. I love you. Have a great first day. I am so proud of you. I want to protect him from people who might be mean to him. I want to protect him from the chance that he might not do well. I am sure he will. He is a smart guy. He is hardworking. I used to think that is all that you needed to be successful in life. Hopefully this will be all he needs in order to do well in school.

Hallelujah,  we are moving out of Philadelphia. I remember 5 years ago when we moved I was terrified to be moving to the city. I kept thinking that we were going to have to live in a ghetto place with lots of crime and noise. For the first year we lived in a nice little apartment that was actually really quiet and nice. I thought, the city isn't bad. Oh how naive I was. It wasn't so bad because we weren't in the city. We lived about as far northeast as you can get about a street away from Bucks Co. We were in Philadelphia by name only. We ended up buying a really cute house on a not cute street. There are streets just a bit over that are really lovely. Our street just kind of sucks as far as inconsiderate loud, trashy people are concerned. Still, I love our little house and I will miss it. A few things that I am looking forward to in the new house: Central air. A dishwasher. Laundry on the first floor. A half bath on the first floor. CLOSETS. Not being so far away from our friends and some of our family.

I assume I will be getting another job soon. That will be good for money but always a little stressful.

I'm so happy that it is labor day weekend and that tomorrow is September. I adore the fall and it always makes me feel happy.

That's all for now.