Jul 21, 2010

I think I have embraced living in the city. I have started taking dexter for daily, albeit short, walks around the block and I have met some nice people.
I also put a wreath on the dilapidated wood fence in the back. You know, make it look like I am really into the shabby chicness of the thing.I also painted a little bird feeder and stuck in in the yard. I am wondering if that was a bad idea. I forgot that birds like to poop. I forgot that Dexter likes to eat stuff on the ground. Do you catch my drift?
Speaking of eating poop. Dexter Dog is pretty huge now and can efficiently hop over the gate that blocks the stairs in a single bound. If he gets up enough speed around the corner he can clear it without knocking it down. He sort of prolongs the moment when he is stretched out mid air to make himself look like a horse effortlessly jumping a fence. He usually lands clumsily but he doesn't care. I have to race after him because he is fast. Like the wind. If I don't catch him in time he will dash to the litter box and grab a huge turd. putrid.
He is really kind of naughty. I try to discipline him like mike does because he listens to mike. He is just so darn adorable. I try to get mad at him for stealing paper and ripping it up. But he just does it with such passion. ripping and tearing and growling and showing that paper towel who is boss. I try to get mad at him for taking a running jump and landing on me when I am on the sofa but then he plops down on my lap and licks my hand. He is just too cute.
Well, I best go get the little guy from his time out. Yes, he gets time outs in his crate. I'll let you know how that works out.