Apr 18, 2008

The move

Tomorrow with the help with some of the most faithful friends we will be moving into our new house. The truck is being picked up at 7:30am and we are loading all the big stuff and some boxes.

Seriously, moving is a complete drag. We have moved like 6 times since we have been married,I hate moving as I am sure most people do but it is even more horrible when no one wants to help you. It feels like you are alone in the world and no one really cares about you. I am not angry about this but just sad. Mike is a helper by nature. He offers to help people and always steps up to help even if it is something that he isn't keen on doing. He has helped several people in the church with things. We didn't ask the church for help this year because last year no one offered to help. I sent email after email begging and pleading and no one responded. At the women's retreat someone asked me if I anyone had responded and I told them no. It was embarrassing to say that no one responded. I think that that incident hurt me and actually played a roll in us kind of leaving the church this past year.

With that being said, we do have some fantastic friends helping tomorrow. People who have helped us move virtually every time we have moved. Our MVPs Bill and Elis, have moved to New York and we will miss them terribly. Not because we need the help moving but because we know that they would be here helping if they could. That means the world to us. They have literally helped us in pouring rain, sweltering heat, and without complaining. True friends indeed. Our other MVPs Jason and Susan will be here tomorrow. They have helped us so much in the past too. Collin split his calf open with a chainsaw and is helping us move. Brian has helped us move before and helped us in renting the truck. It is these faithful friends that are there through thick, thin and moving that truly make us feel loved.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that my friends that aren't helping us move don't love us and vice versa. I have some amazing friends who have been there through thick and thin and have showed us love in many other ways. I am not trying to make those people feel bad. We know people have good reasons for not helping and like I said, I am not trying to make anyone feel bad. I am just thinking out loud.

So here is to hoping that this is the last move for awhile. and here's to those who are helping us move...YOU ROCK!