Sep 28, 2007


Blue eyes as deep as the ocean look at me and hold my gaze
a smile so honest that it reveals my deepest secrets and
a soft kiss that makes me forget where I am

I have been broken but you are putting me back together again
you have my heart and all of my love

Sep 24, 2007

My poor baby

My cat, Figgy Pudding aka Mr. the baby the Figs Aka Figgy piggy purr pants. AKA Figoo(by Mike), get groomed usually once or twice a year. He usually gets shaved all the way down to the skin depending on how bad his mats are. His mats weren't very bad this time but he was beginning to get his poo stuck on his tush so I figure it was a good time to get his fur washed and cut.

Today I took him to the groomer that is attached to the vet that we have been using for Fiona. From the moment we stepped out of the car we heard the mournful howling of the dogs. We walked around the building and had to walk across a slanted and shaky footbridge. The dogs got louder as we approached the door and I looked in the carrier to see if Figgy was ok. He was walking in circles. I laughed a little bit and said that the dogs wouldn't eat him.

As I handed the Figs off to the groomer I assured her that he is very well behaved and that he has never had a problem in the past with his grooming. In fact, his groomer in Delaware commented on how good he has always been for her. Anyway, she took him and said she would call when he was done.

I got a call around 11:45am telling me to pick him up by 12:00. She then proceeded to tell me much to my chagrin, that Figgy was so bad that he is now officially banned from that groomer unless he is tranquilized first. Gulp.

I wanted to cry. They must have hurt him. That is all I can say. He is so good natured that he has only hissed once in his life and that was when Fable banged into his face upon introduction.

I brought Figs back home and let him out of his carrier. He sauntered out of the carrier and plopped down a few feet away from me. I tried to tell him that he looked nice and he literally got up and turned his back to me and plopped back down. Later he got down on the floor to pet him and he got up and walked under the bed. Woa. Pissed off kitty. I apologized later and gave him a treat. He isn't ignoring me anymore.

Now I have to find a new groomer for next time. I think I will go to a place that doesn't board dogs.

Sep 5, 2007

Getting healthy

OK, so I have been fat for awhile and have gotten really fat in the past 2 years. No, no, don't deny it. Oh, you weren't, OK. I mean, I look at pictures of when I thought I was fat and I look slightly chubby. I hate that. Why couldn't I have just been happy then. Well, the point is is that I have tried losing weight in the past and seriously the only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that has ever helped is exercise. Right, right. Everyone else in the world already knows this and I think deep down I knew it too but I just didn't want to believe it.

However, way easier said then done. It has come to my attention that I am an innately lazy person. It isn't all my fault. I was actually diagnosed with attention deficit with HYPO activity disorder when I was younger. The Doctor was like, "Your kid is SO lazy that we need to medically pick up her pace". I was on all the A.D.D. meds and I pretty much didn't sleep the entire time that I was on them. Where was I going with this...oh yeah, exercise. Well, I found that they only time that I lost a lot of weight was when I went to YWAM. You either gain it there or you lose it. Some people in my DTS gained like 40lbs I lost 40. It was all the walking. I mean, it wasn't eating healthy. We ate what we were served, buffet style and it was all made by a 450lb(give or take 100lbs) southern women who cooked like a southern women. Everything was fried or drenched in some kind of sauce. So I wasn't eating healthier. Like I said, it was the walking. I walked everywhere on the base and walked at least 2 miles a day.

When I got back I was able to maintain the weight loss by going to curves. Then that stopped.

Anyway, I then got super sick. My fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue made it really hard to do anything, especially exercise. Yet, exercise is what I need to feel better.What to do?

Well, pretty much the only exercise that I really enjoy is swimming. So, now that things aren't quite as tight financially, Mike and I decided to join the ymca in our area. His work also reimburses us for some of the price.

I swam today for about 35 minutes and I feel really good. I feel like my muscles don't hurt as much and that I will sleep really well.

I really hope this is a step in the right direction. I hope that I can become healthier and stay the course even though it will be a long road.

Sep 3, 2007

I am not recommending this movie

This movie was great and had the entire theater howling with laughter in spots. I will never recommend anyone see it though, because it is also very crude at times. I mean, duh, end of high school and the guys are trying to get with the girls that they have crushes on. Of course it is going to be crude. It is really funny though and much less offensive then some of the other "teen guys trying to get laid" movies. I wouldn't recommend it because some might not think it is funny at all but I do want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.