May 20, 2015


I'm writing on my blog. This feels weird and foreign but ,oh ,so right. After so much time of feeling like I couldn't string three words together to save my life I finally feel like I can kind of think again. Well, most days. Again, I must say that when I start anything creative, whether it's writing, painting or writing a new song, I usually get annoyed at my creation and want to kill it. Much like, Dr. Frankenstein. Except, I don't think he was just annoyed at his monster. I think he just was like, "Oh shit...I created a monster. Literally. I literally created a monster.I gots to do something about that." I'm pretty sure that it what he said. I'll try not to erase this before I post it.

So, what's been going on? Well, hmm, toddler hood. Not mine. I'm actually outgrowing a lot of my toddler behavior. That's good since I'm 38. But Bubba Gus is about to be 17 months and his toddler behavior is in full swing. The good, the bad, and the hilarious. He has the cutest little voice and he has started to talk a lot. I understand like, 3 words. He's really good at saying, "Up". when he wants to go somewhere. Like, up. or down. or really anywhere. He says Mama and Dada and a few other words when he feels like it. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and make people laugh. He already figured out that if he does something wrong like bite me, he can do something funny or look really cute and I try hard not to laugh. That kid. Case in point. The other night he wouldn't go to sleep so I was chilling in his room to help move things along. He kept jumping around and acting nuts. Finally I said, "Gus. I am going to have to leave if you don't lay down and go to sleep". He quieted down and was still for while. Just when I thought that he was asleep he starts making farty noises by blowing raspberries on his arm and cracking up. He looked at me like, "waka waka waka". As the great Fozzie Bear says. I couldn't help cracking up. Brother. I'm in for a heap of trouble...and laughs.

Ok, well I wish I could write more but as of now I'm getting the urge to erase this. so, I'm going to post it before I do.