Feb 25, 2014

Winter fog

What a crazy winter. Am I right? This has been the snowiest few months I can remember and the usual me would be all over it like white on...snow. A few months ago I was hoping for lots of snow. I pictured myself cozied up with my little newborn baby peacefully drinking tea and reading by the fire. I'd be drinking the tea and reading. Not the baby. Buuuuuut, that's not how the picture played out. Firstly, we don't have a fireplace so that really put a damper on things and secondly, while I do get some tea now and then I am just now having moments of peacefulness with my infant son. He will be 9 weeks in a few days and honestly, he has been quite the fussy little gent. It could be because he was born 3 weeks early and his tummy wasn't fully working properly. The past few weeks have consisted of him eating quite often. Not as much sleeping as I was anticipating and a lot of diaper changes. Oh, and when he wasn't eating or sleeping he was fussing if not flat out crying. He didn't scream for hours on end like the hellish stories I have been told by a few of my friends. Thank God for that. Just a lot of angry WAAAAHs. He knows what he wants and when he wants it and I can't say I blame the kid. I am praying he doesn't have my sensory issues because when I am over stimulated I can have a major meltdown. Much like an infant.

Mike and I have really been a great team. He has really been an equal partner in the care taking and takes great care of me in the process. He shares in the feedings and diaper changes and is always at the ready to take Gus if I am feeling overwhelmed ( which isn't too often due to his aforementioned help). He is a real gem.

Gus is just now starting to interact in a way that feels personal. Up until this past week I have felt like I could be anyone and Gus wouldn't know the difference. Now, he looks around when he hears my voice. He is starting his social smiles (way to melt a girls heart) and he has a lot longer periods of both sleep and content awake time. Thank the Good Lord.

I cannot wait for spring so I can get outside with him more. We have started some smallish outing to the mall for some social interaction on the days Mike works and goes to school. Otherwise I feel isolated and a little cray zay.

Welp, that's all my brain will allow right now. sorry for typos. I don't feel like checking for them.