Aug 23, 2005

A few thing that I don't love

Winter afternoons because the sun at that time is so depressing to me
Dogs barking at night because it makes me sad that they are outside
The sound of school buses
Christmas afternoon because it seems so lonely to me
The smell of diesel fuel because it makes me feel sick to my stomach
Having to wake up early on cold mornings
Having to wake up early on warm mornings
Walking into spider webs
When other people have the bass so loud in their cars that it makes my car vibrate and I can’t concentrate on my music
Being hot when I am trying to sleep
Losing my IPOD
When people make a mess and don’t clean it up

Some more of my favorite things

I love waking up late and then drinking coffee while watching reruns of old shows because it makes me feel like a lady of leisure

I love falling asleep while reading a book in my bed on a rainy day because it makes me feel cozy and safe from the elements

I love Kraft macaroni and cheese because it is so cheap and it taste so good

I love when Figgy Pudding bangs his nose into my nose and then rolls on his back because he loves me and he is so cute

I love when people give me flowers because it lets me know that they were thinking of me
I love drinking vodka and cranberry juice because it tastes so good and it is a really quick buzz

I love the sushi rolls I ate the other night because not only did they taste amazing, I can now say that I like sushi

I love Sex and the City because I am thankful that my life will never be like that

I love daydreaming about my future because there is the hope that it will be better than the present

I love when sappy cards and commercials move me to tears because it means that a perfect stranger feels the way that I do

I love inside jokes that never get tired because it reminds me of good times with old friends

I love oyster crackers because I used to eat them when my grandfather used to make us spinach and chicken soup

I love the feeling between sober and drunk and being with the man I love during that time

I love eating at Philip’s when W.L. Gore is paying for it because it is the only time that my family can eat out like we are rich

I love the smell of burning leaves at nighttime because it reminds me of camping with my dad when I was little