May 22, 2010

Happy and hopeful

I am feeling pretty good lately. We had a wonderful time in Cincinnati. It was so weird, it was 9 hours a way but it felt like home to me. I felt like it was so peaceful and clean and I just felt really happy. We were staying with friends in the suburbs in the Maineville area. Mike has been friends with Paul for years. They both were raised in Delaware and ended up in Cincinnati. Mike was in Paul and Sonya's wedding and his kids call him Uncle Mike. I am Aunt Merry to them. It seems funny cause not even Lyric and Ollie call me Aunt. I met them before Mike and I got married but I then when through my social anxiety phase and didn't see them again until this trip Sonya and I are kindred spirits. It is crazy how much we have in common and how we really reconnect. Paul is awesome and really is so gifted with photography and design. Anyway, we all really get along.

I was planning on writing more but of of a sudden I don't feel like it anymore. Sorry.