Feb 22, 2012


So for those of you who don't know, and frankly I believe there are only maybe 3 people who read this bog and therefore you DO know, I have been wanting to get weight loss surgery ever since I heard about it about 12 years ago. I never had insurance that would cover it which was always extremely discouraging to me.
In fact, about three years ago I thought our insurance would cover it so I went to a long information class where I was told I would die if I didn't get weight loss surgery. I thought and then said," Well, sign me up!". My excitement was short lived as I was told again that my surgery would not be covered by my insurance. You will die if you get this surgery but you can't get the surgery. I thought it was so cruel. I left feeling discouraged and morbidly obese in all senses of the phrase.

However, When Mike got the U of D job in November I immediately got on the ball. I made sure that we picked the plan that specifically covered weight loss surgery so I would not have any questions about being approved. I immediately started the process. Now when I say process I mean, sincerly one of the most tedious and painful processes that I can imagine. Every test you can imagine.Ultrasounds, x rays, psychiatric testing, pulmonary testing, sleep testing, an endoscopy, an ARTERIAL BLOOD GAS and yes, even a rectal exam. All this on top of what seemed like gallons of blood being taken out. All the tests came back normal and I was told time and again that I was an excellent candidate for surgery .However, we couldn't submit it to the insurance company until I had 90 days of nutrition counseling. Finally, on February 17th I finished my class nutrition appointment and I was submitted for approval. Yesterday, while out with a who was encouraging me that things will look up soon,I got a call saying that I had BEEN APPROVED!!!!! Thank the LORD JESUS. Now, the surgery is set for May 17th unless they get a cancellation. So, that's my story. Dreams do come true.

Feb 8, 2012


I guess it was almost 7 years ago that my new boyfriend encouraged me to start blogging. That boyfriend is now my husband and it seems so odd that I have had this blog for that long. When I look back a the things I have written I get a sense of dramatic change in my life even though it doesn't seem like things have changed so much. It's a weird feeling like looking at pictures of when you were younger and you don't actually remember getting older or fatter or thinner or whatever.
Anyway, things have changed for sure.

I feel like so many more things will change soon. I just feel it in the ol' bones if ya know what I mean. Kind of like the 7 year itch, maybe. Except, hopefully, it will not include one or both of us having an affair, since that is what the 7 year itch really is about. What am I talking about? Anyway, I hope things will change for the good.

Here's something. It's been waaaaay too long since aunt flow has come to visit if you catch my drift. This has happened before and it is tortuous. The PMS literally feels like torture. I'm sure Mike feels tortured too. I hope it doesn't lead to the 7 year itch. Here I go again. I'll stop now.