May 16, 2008

A new post

So here is a new post though I don't feel like I have too much to say. Mike and I are settling in to the house. We love the house and are getting used to living in the city. It is noisy and we have to pick up trash in our yard constantly but we seem to live on a good street with some nice people.

As most of you know. I don't have the puppy anymore. She is a great little pup but I started working nights at my job(plus days) and sometimes am gone for 16 hours a day. I just didn't think it was fair to her. Cats can handle being alone. Puppies can't.

Anyway, because I took on nights at the school I don't work at the chiropractic office anymore. I am happy about that because it was getting too difficult to work all day and then actually do massages at night.

So, that's it for now.


Jessica said...

Hey Merry--I am really sorry about having to give your puppy up. I know that was so difficult...But your house sounds amazing--congrats again! Please post pics if you can:-)

Susan Marie said...

It's good to hear what's going on in the life of Merry. I'm so glad you and Mike like your place- Jason and I like it, too!

lindsay said...

hey mers! so, you're not doing massages, we can eat the chex party mix? does that mean that you will be more likely to give me a massage for my birthday now that you are not always giving massages for work? if so, awesome. if not, it is still cool that you love your house and are also liking your job. Can't wait for the beach 2008!! Woo hoo!