Jun 1, 2008

How things are going

Here is a little update on my life. I started working days and nights last week and will continue doing it for the next 4 weeks. Tues-Thurs I work 8-2 and then 6-10. It is rough. Mondays I work til 2 and I don't work Fridays...which rocks.When I am not stressed about gas prices I go home in between but I work 45 minutes away and there is a small toll one way. Sometimes the 2 hours at home is worth it sometimes it isn't. I knew that it would have to be a temporary thing when I took the night class but I didn't know I would feel so bad so quickly. because of my fibromyalgia it is hard for me to recuperate and I need a lot of down time in order to feel OK. I haven't been getting that down time and my body has been yelling at me. It is kind of sad because I like my night class so far. I will explain later about the general population of my school. God is totally working on my patience and my attitude towards certain types of people. Like I said, I will explain later. Anyway, the money is nice and I will miss it when I go back to just working days.

Monetarily things are going well and I am looking forward to getting things for the house and making it feel more like home. It is cute by nature but I think some new furniture and some cool curtains and stuff will make it amazing.

I was off the wagon with losing weight but I am planning on trying a little harder since I am in the wedding of someone I love in October. That someone is Laura. Even though I will be the fattest one I don't seem to care that much because Mike loves me for who I am. That is amazing to me.

That is all I have to say for now.


jason j said...

Hey Merry,
I didn't realize you had fibromyalgia. That really stinks? Do they have you on anything for it? Supposedly Lyrica works well to treat it.

Hopefully we'll see you guys again soon.

Jessica said...

Mike isn't the only one who loves you for who you are. but, I know he is the most special one:-) It's awesome that things are going well financially--I know what a great relief that is! And I will be excited to someday see your house, Merry!

Love you!

Jen said...

Are you teaching a class? Either that or found a way to make money as a student, which I would love find out about. (:

Ditto to what Jess said - I too love you for who you are.