May 19, 2011

Nice one

Just for today, Do not anger.

So, I have started my Reiki classes and for those of you who do not know what Reiki is, look it up. Lot's of people think it is a new age or creepy thing to do and really, it isn't. It's just the laying on of hands. It uses energy which we all have to heal. I make sure that I am giving credit to Jesus. He gives us the energy, in my book.

Anyway, the first principle to live a life of happiness is, "Just for today, do not anger". We focus on the moment, the present and we do not let anger get the best of us. Anger hurts us and it hurts those around us. I have been letting go of anger. It is quite liberating. In fact, I recently saw someone that I was EXTREMELY angry with at a party for a friend. I was able to tell him that I forgive him. I told him that we wouldn't be close but I would be civil. I told him that I don't trust him( and probably never will) but I will not actively harbor anger towards him.He thought that was nice but... it wasn't for him. It was for me and for others who were affected by my anger. I feel good about it. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have let go of the anger cause let's face it, sometimes people fuck up BIG TIME. Then again, so do I. It's important to remember that.

I'm still feeling content with my life. I'm really enjoying simple things. I always have but sometimes, in the past, I have felt perpetual discontentment. I would always think I would be happy if I just had the next thing or if a certain situation would resolve. But things break and we can't control other people or their behavior. I want people to act and be a certain way but I. CANNOT. CONTROL. THEM. It is kind of rough to come to terms with that but it is just the plain damn truth. So, I'm trying to be what I value in other people. I'm trying to change what I can and release trying to control what I can't. It's like that old completely overused Serenity Prayer. I always wondered why the 12 step groups used it. Cause it's kind of true.

Just for today. I will not anger.


Jessica said...

Mer--we are going through similar lessons, reading the same textbook for life, so it seems. Thanks for writing this--so good to read. Man, it's the truth.

Nina said...

I love what you said about trying to be what you value in other people. That's a great thought. Thanks for writing this. More posts please!