Apr 30, 2013

Some tidbits.
I like coleslaw but I love claussen pickles. I dropped a jar of them as soon as I got them into the house the other day. It saddened me.

We had a rough month financially. I wonder how many people still run out of money in their checking account. Like, minus money. Minus money is one of the most frustrating things to me because you get charged more money for having no money. It's maddening.

Crabapple trees are pretty but a pain in the ass. There are always copious amounts of rotten apples on the ground in front of our house. We clean them up but it's like they are multiplying. It smells like rotten fruit. Not a fan.

I've been trying more recipes from Pinterest. I have about 1000 pins so I thought I would try some. Some are good. Some aren't good. I wonder if I am doing things wrong or if people really think this crappy food is tasty.

It peeves me when people describe something as melt in your mouth when in fact, it cannot melt in your mouth. Someone describe chicken as melt in your mouth. It infuriated me.

I took an iced tea brewer off of Chris and Laura's hands. They were going to goodwill it. I am obsessed with making sweet Irish breakfast iced tea. I always write ice tea then go back and fix it. It's because I don't say ICED tea.

Who actually says FOREHEAD? I say farhead. that's weird.

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